3 Simple Steps to Manifest More without Burning Out

Mar 18, 2020

Have you been wondering how to grow your business without depleting your energy? 

You have already created a successful business, likely over the six-figure mark, ready to launch to the seven-figure mark, but you’re not sure how to continue onward because your energy is quickly being depleted with the services and programs you currently offer.

The problem with most business owners in the world of helping others, is you work so hard and create so much that you have big successes...and also big burnouts. Your energy gets depleted every few days, weeks or months and you feel like you have to start all over again after you rest.

You have the tools, training and wisdom to help totally change massive numbers of lives. And it hurts when you cannot help more people because of the energy that is not available to you in your life right now. 

I understand you get worn out and don’t know how you can maintain your energy to do all the things you want to do in the world. I know you tend to crash hard after rocking it out in your business for awhile. 

What I definitely know, is that you are not living the lifestyle you really want. You are doing too much work on your own and sacrificing your own well-being in the name of helping others.

Are you wondering if there is a better way to create even more success, with greater impact, and with the energy you crave (that will continue to expand as you continue to grow)? 

Here are three steps on how to get away from burnout and into a renewed sense of energy and growth that it’ll move you and your business quickly:

Step 1: Get Present.

First, you need to get present in your body. If you are not present in your body, you will not only miss opportunities and be unable to connect with others on a deeper level, you’ll also get taken advantage of. 

When you are only in your head, you cannot FEEL the intention of other people. You cannot tell who is good for you and who is bad. 

Yes, you have a ton of success. You’ve accomplished so much in the world, yet you get burnt out over and over again. 

You’re tired, overworked and look like you “have it all” and people tell you that you are “doing amazing things in the world.” Yet you feel like you are on a constant hamster wheel and there’s no way out.

Everyone says, “get present.” But nobody teaches you how. When I learned HOW to be present, it was a total gamechanger. I no longer felt at the whim of my life, but instead felt the power I had within to create EXACTLY what I wanted for myself. 

Presence is the key to unlocking your fullest potential. A high achiever with presence can move mountains. It’s when the high achiever gets in their head, everything gets mucked up, relationships suffer, health suffers and nobody wins. 

Here are two simple simple steps to gaining presence: 

First, be with your breath. If you are not with your breath, you are not present. Period. Keep your body soft. Feel your breath come into your body and out of your body smoothly and easefully. Holding your breath leads to stuck thoughts and energy. Letting your breath continuously flow, keeps you in the flow of life and brings you to the present moment. Any time you feel stuck, simply come back to your breath and steady the flow so it is not stopping anywhere.

Second, keep your awareness in your body. If you keep your awareness in the lower part of your body, it’s easier to stop thinking. One way to do this is to notice if your belly button is tight and pulled back toward your back or if your belly button is soft and there is a lot of space between your belly and back. If your belly is tight, your mind is most likely overworking and may burn yourself out. Thoughts take way more energy than being in your body. Softening your belly button will create presence, save you tons of energy and even give you more time in your days!

Step 2: Get More Help

Second, you need more help or better help to create your already huge vision. You cannot do it all on your own. 

This could be that you create a team of people who resonate with your vision who can help you grow so you don’t burn out. It’s important to create a strong team to support you in every area that’s not your genius zone. 

Perhaps it can be through partnerships so you can reach way more people than you are currently reaching. Collaboration is a key factor contributing to your long-term success.

Many people want to collaborate and they don’t know how. My Ph.D. research was on collaboration and in order to have a win-win-win, meaning win for you, win for the collaborative partner and win for the collective, you need to know how to not only communicate but also how to truly listen.

I teach my own clients how to create a team that is in alignment with their vision and to have perfect collaboration partners to reach their full potential without getting into burnout.

Step 3: A Congruent Business Model

Third, you need a business model that’s congruent with who you are. When you are not in alignment in your business, you’ll wear yourself out. 

Are you still doing the things that are not in your genius zone? Stop! Once you really hone in what satisfies you, you can finally create the exact plan that matches your personality, matches your vision and keeps you in that happy place that you want to be in when you started your business.

If you are reaching burnout with massive depletion of energy and you’re ready to change that, then let’s talk. We can discover what areas you are struggling in and create a plan of action that will give you more energy and alignment with what you want to give back into the world.

Not ready? Then learn to get present with my body movement that I not only teach and coach my own clients in, but give away for free because I believe that success starts with you taking care of your body.

Learn how to move mindfully by downloading and watching the Master the Body-Mind Movement Program which is 10 powerful 10-minute videos that will teach you exactly how to get back into your body so you can align yourself to create more energy and not burnout!


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