3 Shifts to Get Out of Scarcity and Into Prosperity!

Feb 11, 2020

Have you found yourself thinking, “I really wished I had the money to do that/buy that/go there!” over and over again about one thing?

When you have more money, you can do greater things with that money. You can connect with more high-vibrational people, places and projects.

Throughout the years, I have learned how to step out of a “scarcity mindset” whenever it tries to creep up on me and step into an “prosperity mindset.” I teach my client’s how to do this every day.

You may not be my client, but I want you to know that it totally hurts me when I see people who have so much value but are suffering because they are not being paid what they are valued!!!

It breaks my heart seeing people driving for ride app services, food delivery services and reluctantly working jobs they hate. I know how much it hurts that they are not expressing their art or growing their business the way they want to. It hurts because they're not honoring their own value in the world.

When you do not own your value in the world, you will be in pain. Your body and energy will suffer. Start honoring your value in the world while stepping out of a scarcity mindset into prosperity mindset.


Step #1: Change How You View Money

One of the first things I teach people is how to say: “Money is not bad. Money is not scary. I’m not going to feel undeserving. Instead, I'm going to look at it as a spiritual tool to help people heal and let go of fear.”

The more we let go of fear around money, the more open space we have for LOVE!

There is no fear in love and when we open ourselves up to love, we step out of fear and into loving ourselves, our talents, and our money so much more.

When we see money as “bad,” on any level, there is work to be done on your relationship with money. You can restore your relationship with money and feel more deserving of it so it starts to flow to you and through your life much faster. Loving money can be a very healing and transformative experience.


Step #2: Break the Generational Mindset

I remember my mom buying me clothes and toys to immediately tell me when we got home, “Don’t tell your dad! Cut the tags off, throw them in the trash and don’t let him see! Go to your room and hide it.”

The idea that there wasn’t enough or “extra” money took root in my childhood; there was never enough to live a safe life.

The idea of never having enough money appeared in my marriage and other relationships. I remember feeling like I didn’t make extra money in my career to buy the things I wanted or needed. I felt like the money I was making was never “enough” to buy anything “extra.” I felt like I needed someone else to help me financially.

Can you relate to feeling, “If only I could have a little ‘extra’ money in my life, I could ...?”

Take a few moments and think back to when you first heard it said or you believed that there wasn’t enough money for the things you want or need. This could be as simple as your mom telling you that buying a better brand wasn’t in the budget, even if it was only twenty-five cents more.

Once you have discovered the belief or lie, I want you to 1.) write it down and then 2.) tell the past you, “you can make all the money you need to buy the things you want.”

(If you want help creating a plan to generate the money for the things you want, let’s chat.)

We tend to believe the lies that our parents believed about money. We hold our parents’ truths as if they are our own truths today. It’s time to let go of these beliefs and lies to rediscover your own truths about money!!!

Once you restore your relationship with money within yourself, you will have new truths about money. New truths about money mean new money flowing into your bank accounts!


Step #3: Believe You are Worthy of Receiving Infinite Amounts of Money

Believe in yourself because there’s something within you that wants to come forward. You don’t have to go looking for it—it’s already there!

I believe that the biggest problem in the world is that there are so many gifts inside people and they want to bring these gifts forward, but they talk themselves out of it. They say things like,

“I want to do it, but I’ll do it later.” (btw, ‘later’ rarely comes!)
“I want to do it, but I don’t know how.” (unconfident action builds confidence. What are you scared of?)
“I don’t have the training I need to do the thing I want to do.” (pull out your MSU degree - Make Shift Up or ask for help now)
“Someone else is already doing it, so what’s the point?” (if someone else is doing it, it’s working. Do it. Yours will be different. Be you boo.)

These negative thoughts play on repeat potentially for years and years. All the while, a beautiful gift that wants to be expressed starts to feel suffocated. The stories eat away at one’s confidence and definitely don’t generate any significant amounts of money. Many of these people find themselves heading toward retirement, wishing they would have just taken the chance and asked for what they are worth!

You don't necessarily even have to hire a coach to start making a change; just start to listen more to other people. People are already telling you what you're good at, so believe them—and then charge money for it!


It’s Time to Make Believe in Yourself

Getting out of a scarcity mindset and into a prosperity mindset doesn’t have to be a long process, (or even a process at all!). You can begin to heal the relationship you have with money now so you can begin to prosper and live a life you love. You can actually choose in this exact moment to receive what you are worth. Consider owning your value right...NOW!

I want to invite you to start overcoming your relationship with money by downloading my free resource “8 Steps to Creating a High End Offer” at www.highvalueoffer.com

In this training, you will learn how to package and price your services so you can truly receive what you are worth. If you want further support, please email Lila at [email protected]


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