3 Ways to Use Your Morning Routine to Create Success in Your Life and Business

Jun 02, 2020

The morning is the most important part of determining success for your day. How you wake up in the morning determines how you show up during the day in your life.

I have been practicing a morning routine for years. I often get asked what my morning routine looks like so I’m sharing some of the practices I have implemented in my own life so that you may be inspired to create a morning routine for yourself.

First, my morning routine involves three things that are non-negotiable for me. I must do these three things if I want to feel satisfied with my day. I highly recommend creating your own, “non-negotiables,” to start your day. Note that yours may look different than mine and that’s okay. Here are the practices I put into my own morning routine that helps me get started and stay grounded all day.


  • Connect with Spirit


The special time in the morning has become an important time to share love with my dog and cat. My animals lift my vibration, create joy in my heart, and it allows me to spend quality time with them before I start my work day. Sharing love with my pets has become an important part of my daily spiritual practice.

After loving my animals, I feel super open to hear wisdom that comes through during my morning meditation. When I'm super joyful, I can be in tune with subtle energies better and hear clearer messages in my meditations. 

I am an early bird. Like, really early! I typically wake up around 3:30 AM. It is still dark outside and quiet in my house so I sit or lay in silence. Some days I meditate in silence with an intention for my day. Some days, I pray. Other days, I simply listen. It is important to be in silence and listen to my higher self before I take on the day. I listen for any messages or wisdom that rises and take notes afterwards, if I feel called.

The most important part of listening is being with my breath. Breath is the most important tool for connecting with spirit. I start the mornings with 10-30 fluid breaths.

Each morning may look a little different, but sharing love and listening to my higher self helps me feel my energetic support system for the day. 


  • Connect with Body


The second piece of my morning routine is caring for my body.

First, I gently stretch my body, just like an animal would when they wake up. They stretch and then shake a little bit. I do that too.

Although I’d love to sleep on my back, I sleep on my side so my body feels imbalanced when I wake up. The front of my body tends to need opened up and stretched because I curl up at night.

I stretch the front of my body by putting my arms up, yawning and opening up my belly. Then, I do some gentle squats to stretch and open up my hips. 

Next, I’ll open and stretch my back, neck and shoulders. Once I feel my body awake, I’ll bounce or pulse a little to move fluids throughout my body. Most mornings, I also take a 30-60 minute walk outside to breath fresh air and connect with nature.  

Once my body is awake, I provide nourishment for my body. I often create a smoothie with fruits, vegetables, minerals, vitamin C, spirulina and other nutrients that help maintain my energy throughout the day, so I can do a lot without burning myself out. I drink orange juice in the morning too because it is good for my blood type.

Some days, I have tea, or coffee, or a brain boosting drink, and other days I will simply have lemon water and no caffeine in the morning. 

After being awake for about 3-5 hours, I'll have a little bit of food like oatmeal, avocado or a small cabbage salad.

I keep my morning routine simple and consistent so my body knows what to expect and it doesn’t have to work so hard or wonder what to do with this food that it didn't have yesterday. If your breakfast is different every morning, then the body's always trying to figure out what to do with it.


  • Connect with Mind


The third piece is my mind. I have to wake up my mind, especially before I start to work. 

I found that one of the biggest mistakes people make in the mornings is waking up the mind before the body or before the spirit, and then they wear themselves out. Waking up thinking stresses the body. I used to wake up thinking every morning, get up, get ready and get to work as soon as possible, without ever spending much time listening to myself or taking care of my body. When the mind is constantly going, the body starts to wear down. When energy flow isn’t smooth in the body, the mind will feel stuck, confused, overwhelmed and uninspired. 

Thinking will wear you down faster than anything else. 

My favorite way to wake up my mind is through having a phone call with my morning accountability partner. I met my accountability partner (and now, a best friend) in a Mastermind Program that I was part of. I chose her as a partner, because she was reliable and committed to her work. We’ve talked five mornings per week for about three years. 

Talking requires the mind to process information in a different way than thinking in silence. Talking helps my mind wake up. Sometimes, our conversations are very interesting, deep and inspiring. Other times, we may talk about simple things in life like food, family and fun.

After this morning accountability call, my mind is awake and ready for the day. I feel more inspired, my body is energized and I feel joyful. 

Starting the mornings by connecting first to the spirit, then to the body, then to the mind is important to stay grounded, calm and focused all day. 

How to Get Started

How can you start a morning routine? 

First, identify your power hours in the day. When do you feel the most energized? When do you like to rest? What time do you want to wake up? 

If you are not an early bird, do not force it. For example, create a partnership with someone so you can do your accountability call a little bit later in the morning, maybe 10:00 AM. 

Creating a schedule that best suits your body and energy will help you stay consistent with the morning routine, enjoy your days more and help you add more to your morning routine, over time.

It’s not about how much you do in the morning routine that creates success. It's the consistency over time of taking care of all three elements - your spirit, your body, and your mind - that creates momentum for massive results and ease in life.

Morning routines are a crucial component to growing in life without wearing yourself out. 

If you want help creating and implementing your own Spirit-Body-Mind morning routine so you can have more flow in life, let’s connect: Speak with Lila

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