The #1 Strategy to Create $10k+ Every Month in Your Business

May 05, 2020

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish I could consistently make $10,000 or more per month”? 

With everything going on in the world, you may be thinking this even more at this moment. Most people never reach consistent cash flow of $10k+ per month, or even once in their entire lifetime. 

Ten thousand dollars per month for most American families would make a MASSIVE difference in their lives. It may mean a new home in a safer area, having cars that are reliable to travel in, or a college fund for their child. 

This level of income means families can travel more, pay for medical bills with ease and help support their families. 

One of my FAVORITE things about helping people create $10k+ per month consistently in their businesses is they feel more free to share. Generous business owners are prosperous business owners. 

The more money you make and the more money you give, the more money you make, and the more money you have to give...and so on. 

Many find it to be difficult to reach this level of revenue consistently over time; however, most businesses, probably like yours, would GREATLY benefit from consistent cash flow months of $10,000 or more! 

I could show you dozens or maybe even hundreds of strategies to create this kind of cash flow. But I won’t. I will only show you one way to create $10k+ months. 

If you are already doing this strategy, let’s chat. If not, do this strategy first, master it, then move onto a different strategy. 

As I look back on the last five years of my business, if I were to do one thing differently, it would be: take this advice I am about to give you and run with it!

What if I showed you just how easy it can be? And you don’t have to “create” anything new or “do” anything different!

The #1 Way to Create $10k+ per month revenue in your business

Sell high ticket packages of products or services. Focusing on one instead of multiple offerings is the FASTEST way to reach $10k+ per month.

What is a high ticket package? 

A high ticket package is a package of products or services that, when combined, give someone a much bigger result. For businesses that offer services, a high ticket package is often a “container,” that has a longer time frame and desired results at the end. 

The high ticket package may also combine multiple modalities, tools, and strategies to help one client. 

For example, a massage therapist helping someone with back pain may know it will take more than one massage session to shift the back pain problem. 

Instead of selling the client one session that won’t lead to the desired end result, the massage therapist may sell 12 massage sessions, plus an at-home exercise routine, so the client gets much bigger results at a faster rate.

Why high ticket packages?

Let’s be honest, most business owners are working way too hard and making way too little for the amount of hours they are putting in. 

Business owners get into business to have freedom then find themselves always thinking about and doing things in the business. 

Sorry, honey, but that ain’t freedom! 

Freedom is knowing you consistently have cash flow coming into your business. 

Freedom is knowing you can take time off and not lose revenue. 

Freedom is having extra money to spare, share and invest for your future.

Freedom is having the choice to work with who you want.

Freedom is working less and attracting more with ease.

That’s what high ticket packages do for you. They give you, “freedom in your business to play,” as I say.

One thing that is so great about offering high ticket packages in your business is that you get really committed clients who do the work, get big results and help you become even better at what you do!

What should a high ticket package look like?

It depends. Every business model is different. 

Consider this question: “How could I package what I offer (over a period of time) to offer someone a huge result and what am I willing to charge for it?”

The higher you go, the less people you work with, but they get much bigger results. Plus, there is consistent cash flow in your business and you can give a lot more to each client.  

Money is Everywhere

Money comes from people helping people. People helping people solve problems, period. 

Every single human on this planet can help somebody. Everybody has the opportunity and the potential to help other people. 

And when you have this potential to help other people, all you need to do is step up and offer at a high level.

If you want to learn more about how to package your offerings to create $10k+ months in your business, visit and download my “8 Steps to Create a High Ticket, High Value Offer.” 



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