Adrenaline Hurts your Heart with Elle Ingalls

Jan 26, 2022

Are you struggling with anyone in your life? 

What if it’s one thing inside of you - getting rid of stress hormones in your body - that could help you repair that relationship?

What if getting rid of stress hormones in your body could move you past old heartache?

What if getting rid of stress hormones in your body could create more ease in all your relationships?

I saw a gal I went to high school with on Facebook who had a heart attack! 

It was because of stress.

I have to share this information with you to encourage anyone who has experienced a broken heart on any level to listen in. You’ll learn why below.

What is this whole idea about the “heart hurting?”

I recently interviewed, Elle Ingalls, an author, speaker, high-performance coach, and creator of The Pressure-Free Method.

According to Elle, Most CEOs don’t get a wake-up call, when it comes to their heart. The first heart attack typically kills them. 

Elle said it brought her to tears to find out how many people die of heart attacks or cancer, leaders each year all around the world. 

“We’ve lost their leadership, we’ve lost their brainpower. We’ve lost the heads of families and parents,” she said. 

She dug into research on stress and learned, you don’t need a wake-up call if you can start to understand what causes your heart to be unhealthy.

Elle’s father, a CEO, survived his first heart attack but he died from the second heart attack. Emotional grief three months after losing Elle’s mom was too much for his heart.

“We’ve lost our folks too young. My sisters and I, and my whole family,” Elle said with despair. “It didn’t need to happen. It was stress-induced.”

Cancer and heart diseases are both stress-induced diseases. You could have a perfect diet and perfect exercise routine, but those are only two legs of the stools. The third leg is how you deal mentally with stressors and challenges. 

So Elle created the Pressure-Free Method in a way that anyone can use the tools all day long, anywhere. It is a set of on-the-go stress tools that stop the release of stress hormones into the body and save the heart from harm from these chemicals. 

“It’s not stress that is the silent killer, it’s the release of stress hormones,” Elle clarifies.

You may be a high achiever. You may love challenges. 

You may be an entrepreneur where you are creating something in the world.

You may be a leader who loves lots of action.

The key here is: when you are under these challenges, are you releasing the stress hormones? 

How to recognize whether or not you’re releasing these hormones. 

People often ask me: “How did you get that speaking opportunity? How have you been so successful in business so fast? How do you find clients so easily?”

My answer is: “I show up.”

A lot of people may show up. But, HOW I show up is truly the answer. 

I am showing up in the world with a high level of presence because of The Pressure-Free Method. We cannot be present if we are under the influence of stress hormones. 

Powerful presence is how all the opportunities I get are given to me. It’s now what I know, but instead, my way of being. 

What if you could be more present?

What if you could be healthier and happier? 

The more “pressure-free” I become, the less stress I have in my body, and the happier I become. 

If you are already successful, this is next-level success!

How can you know if you are releasing stress hormones?

Everyone is unique. Everyone is different. If you live with other people, they may experience the stress hormones differently in their bodies than you do.

Here are some examples of how stress hormones show up in the body:

  • Head-centered: If you clench your jaw, you get headaches or migraines.
  • Chest tightness: Your throat closes up a little bit and your heart is pounding
  • Gut feeling: You feel like you’re going to feel sick in your stomach. 

If someone in your family every morning complains of having a stomach ache. That’s because they released these hormones. So nausea, having to go to the bathroom.

There’s more…

  • Cold hands 
  • Cold feet

Physicians may think you have a thyroid issue. Elle shares how cold hands and feet are a direct result of stress hormone releases & changes in the thyroid gland.

“You have a stress hormone issue because when you release the stress hormones, it messes up your thyroid glands,” she said.

These are signs that you are triggering the stress hormones too much. 

Here are some more examples of how stress hormones show up in the body: 

  • Fuzzy memory - If you’re not thinking straight. If you’re kind of muddled. If you get introduced to people and you forget their names. If you get confused and very fogged and can’t make decisions. If you have a lot of furrows in your brows, you are triggering the stress hormone. And you might not even realize you are doing it at the moment.  
  • Insomnia - If you have trouble sleeping, you are triggering a set of hormones that makes you wake up.  
  • Medicines - Any medication at all is a sign that something is not in balance. The number one reason why something isn’t in balance is the release of fight or flight hormones. 

Your biology is informing your psychology.

One great thing to know is that you are not going to stuff your feelings down with The Pressure-Free Method. You’re going to see that you are feeling things, but you are simply choosing not to overreact if you release stress hormones.

Elle admits that she used to be addicted to adrenaline. 

She said, “I thought it made me superwoman but if I look over the period of my life before Pressure-free, I was not a superwoman. I thought I was happy. I thought I was an amazing professional. I’ve had a great profession, a great career, yet I didn’t even begin to touch what happens now.” 

Are you ready to get rid of stress hormones in your body? Would you like to learn and teach others how?

Elle has launched her Pressure Free Method Certification where you get how to learn, master and teach the Pressure Free Method yourself.

You can find her parenting book HERE

Or schedule a time to talk to Elle at:



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