Do You Want a Schedule that Doesn't Wear You Out? Here are My Secrets!

May 21, 2020

Time. It is the one thing you have on the planet as a human. You get to choose what you do with your time here. 

One of the best tools to build your dream life starts with your time. To create exactly what you want for yourself, in all areas of your life, you must choose to do things with your time that are directly related to what you value for yourself. 

What you value and give energy to will grow. 

Would you like to know what I do with my time that helps me reach my goals faster? Here are my secrets to reaching my dreams, without burning myself out:

Scheduling My Work Week

First, I decide how many hours per week I want to work.

I used to work 60 or more hours per week when I first started my business. Now, I've chosen to work 20 hours or less per week. I can actually create more in less time when I am super focused!  

After choosing how many hours per week I want to work, I choose my non-negotiable time of when I am not going to work. Honoring my time off is just as important as honoring my work hours. 

I used to work anytime of the day. I live the US. If I had a client in Europe and they wanted to meet at 5:00 AM my time, I used to do it. Now, I don't take meetings with clients before 8:00 AM. I enjoy spending mornings doing things for myself so the mornings are a non-negotiable time to have off work now. I used to also be willing to work until maybe 7:00 PM or later. And now, there are only a few days that I work past 2:00 PM and I work 4 or less days per week. 

I highly recommend looking at what time of the day you have the most energy, what I like to call your, “Power Hours,” and what time of the day you like to rest. For example, I am bright in the mornings so I do meditation, movement and creative work before 8:00 AM. Between 8 am and 2 pm, I am most energized to connect and talk with other people. After 4 pm, I enjoy quiet time. 

Once you create awareness around your energy during the day, you can create a schedule that more smoothly fits your lifestyle. This helps you honor your mind, body, and spirit, which in turn will help you create more and serve and a much higher level.

This was a huge shift in my business. The more I created boundaries to have time with myself, the easier it was to attract clients who also want a smooth lifestyle. 

Valuing yourself more leads to other people and divine energy valuing you more too! 

Scheduling What You Want To Do

Once you choose how many hours per week you want to work and want to not work, then you need to actually put what you want into your calendar, whether it be online or paper. If you want the time off, put “time off,” or something similar into your calendar. 

For example, in my calendar, I write “Lila Land” in the late afternoons and evenings, because that is the time I have chosen for myself and nobody can schedule a meeting with me during “Lila Land,” time. 

I want to show up in the world during my “Power Hours.” That's why it's so important to know what times of day I feel the most alive and bright. Those are the hours that I can serve at my highest level.

The other hours are available for rest, self care, creativity, and all the other parts of life, like cleaning my house, making my food, traveling and visiting with loved ones. 

Schedule Days to Learn and Play 

In my schedule, I keep days open each week to do something that brings me inspiration. During these days, I don’t schedule work, but instead leave the time open for creativity, exploration and spiritual practices. I also use these days to learn something new or do something creative for myself.

It is important to weave in creativity throughout the week. Creativity gets us out of our logical thinking mid and frees the mind to play. If my mind is constantly working, I do not have enough space mentally, energetically, physically, to create new things. And, I won’t hear the subtle messages from within that want to come forward. 

Once I set the days in my week that I want to play, then I choose the days of the week I like to work. Three (3) days per week, I am committed to filling my calendar with clients, trainings and growing my business. This leaves more time available for opportunities to arise, rest and creativity.

Why should you have a schedule? 

The number one reason you should have a schedule is this - your time is DIRECTLY related to your energy. Your energy can stay sustainable and directed toward your dream life, if you bring a new level of awareness to how you use time. Plus, you won’t have to think about what to do or and when to do it. Choosing your schedule allows you to have peace of mind and way more ease in life.

It is nice to know when I am seeing clients, when I need to do sales and marketing, when I have time for trainings and when I have time to relax. So, I don't have to wonder on the weekend what I'm doing the following week. I can enjoy my relaxation. 

Plus, there are no thoughts and energy going to wondering what I'm going to do today, tomorrow, next week. I already know because my schedule has been chosen by me. This leaves me way more energy to stay healthy, create more and be of higher service to the world.

It wasn't always this easy to have an established schedule like I do now. I used to use a paper calendar, book all sorts of activities any time of the week and be way more scattered in my mind about time. Then one time, I double book myself and didn’t realize it until the morning of both events. So I had to cancel one. I felt horrible. I felt like I had disappointed people and that hurt my heart. That was in 2015, and I said to myself, “I'll never do this again. I am building a new relationship with time.”

I immediately switched over to a Google calendar and I've never had that kind of incident again. The calendar is always with me because my cell phone is always with me.  In any moment, I can change a meeting, put a meeting in, take something out, switch things up. The electronic calendar has been a tool that created a huge shift with my relationship with time. I felt more in control of what I wanted to say “yes” and “no,” to and when I wanted to do different activities.

I value integrity, walking my talk and doing what I say I will do. My schedule helps me maintain integrity in life and business. It is a tool I use to ensure I don't wear myself out and focus on the actions that will bring me closer to what I really want in life.

Where to Start

If you want to tweak your schedule right now, I highly recommend to start with your non-negotiables. Put you first. Start with time for self-care, rest and play first, then build your work schedule around that.

What is most important to you? What do you value the most? Put that's stuff in first and then work around that. It's the most important part of your life.

And remember, how you spend your time is directly related to what you value in the world and what you value in your life. Where your energy goes will grow so focus your schedule on the things in life you want to grow.

If you want something to shift money, relationships, health or anything else in your life, bring a new level of awareness to the way you use time and start using time for what you want.

Time will give you everything you want, if you just put the energy in there.

If time is a struggle for you, let’s chat about your schedule. Together, we can create a life that you love, working the number of hours you want, and giving yourself, and your loved ones the best of you. This is how you can show up and serve the world at an even higher level.

If you need help with time, click here: Speak with Lila

Here is a short video about time from my ocean trip to Newport Beach in February, 2020: Newport Beach in February 2020


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