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The Bowspring Body Coaching Program

This training will help you learn how to reshape your body and shift your posture so you can increase your energy, especially if you don't have time to work out, go to the gym or practice yoga.

Here’s what you get: 

“How to Understand the Energy of Fascia - Using your Body for Spiritual Connection”

In this training call, I teach you ground-breaking discoveries on your connective tissue, how to tap into your energetic webbing of life and what your body may mean for your spiritual journey. 

“How 10 Key Areas of your Body & Dynamic Posture will keep you living longer" 

In this training call, I teach you how to apply the Bowspring system to 10 Key Areas of your Body so that you know how to move sustainably for more energy over time. You'll learn what shape of posture is the most healthy for your body and more... 

This works even if you don’t like to work out or go to a yoga studio. This will save you YEARS OF YOUR LIFE! and years of struggling to learn what kind of posture and movement will help you stay healthy. 

"How to walk, sit & stand with ease for long-term longevity" 

In this training call, I’ll show you how to walk into any room with calm confidence, how to sit for maximum energy all day long and how to stand so that you don't need knee and hip replacements in the future! 

"Learn how to feel grounded yet energized in your body, no matter what happens" 

In this training call, I teach you how to feel calm, peaceful and at ease, at the same time you feel energized to go for your personal dreams and goals! You'll know exactly how to foster the right kind of energy to make happen everything you want in life...without feeling overwhelmed or stressed out! 

You will take home a personal practice that you can do in 10 minutes to get stretched and strengthened in all parts of your body, and it's an amazing cardiovascular workout!


"How to Embody Grace and Ease in Everyday Life" 

In this training call, I teach you how to integrate mindful movement into your everyday life so your body stays safer, your mind stays calmer and you can more easily connect with the kinds of people YOU like to be around. 

You will learn how to live like a confident man or woman, leave behind that feeling of "stuck in the mud," and awaken to create more prosperity in every day of your life. 


“How to Prevent Your Body from Releasing Stress Hormones when Triggered, with Guest Expert High-Performance Coach, Elle Ingalls”

You’re going to get training by an expert High-Performance Coach, Elle Ingalls, on how to live Pressure-Free so that you can act, eat, speak, walk, talk, think and move without harming your body by being triggered. You will learn how to stay focused and easily move forward with your goals without feeling overwhelmed. Imagine feeling kind and loving to everyone in your life and getting more done without feeling stressed out!